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Network Services

With hundreds of local and wide area networks successfully installed, Addar Computer Services has amassed considerable experience and knowledge fulfilling network design, implementation and support.

And we've applied our experience and knowledge to become highly efficient and cost effective across a wide variety of topologies and equipment.

We are a leading installer of firewall security, virtual private networks (VPNs) and virtual LANs.

Before changing your company's network topology, talk to our network specialists. Call +967-1430106 or Addar online.

Network Design
We can design or upgrade a local or wide area network to meet your business objectives.

  • Improve network security: Firewalls

  • Reduce costs: Virtual Private Networks

  • Free up network bandwidth: Virtual LANs 

Network Setup & Installation
We'll turn your conceptual network design into an effective business solution.

Network Support
Addar Computer Services offers customized support contracts for ongoing preventive maintenance and emergency break/fix troubleshooting and service.

To request an on-site service visit, please use our network support request form. For business-critical emergencies, call our service desk directly at +967-1430106. 














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